Thai Yoga Bodywork

$69 for an hour

$99 for 90 mins

Every 4th visit is free!!


Thai Yoga Bodywork stretches and opens your body while you deeply relax. Flexibility is not required to receive the benefits. This work is useful for all body types. Thai Yoga body therapy’s origins can be traced back 2500 years to Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the famous Ayurvedic physician from India. The tradition has been maintained and developed through the centuries, largely through Buddhist monasteries. Thai Yoga Bodywork offers the nurturing relaxation of a massage with the invigorating, improved energetic flow of a yoga practice. Often called "lazy person's yoga," the client receives passive muscle work interspersed with yoga-inspired, assisted stretching. The combination helps re-orient the body on a path towards its natural state of health, strength, and harmony.


People at any level of fitness can enjoy the relaxation and feeling of connectivity they get from a session of Thai Yoga Bodywork at Warrior Body Spa. Competitive athletes enjoy an improved recovery time for intense workouts, and find Thai Yoga Body Therapy a valuable component to their fitness regime. Lower mobility clients will appreciate improved range of motion and flexibility, and find it a helpful steppingstone to reclaiming a greater level of wellness and fitness. It is a true, full-body tuneup, nurturing and rebalancing the “whole you.” This work is also effective for treating specific neuromuscular injuries, including muscle pain, spasm, dysfunction, and chronic tightness. The healing energy flow of Thai Yoga Body Therapy warms and stretches the muscles. Benefits can include stress relief and deep relaxation, improved range of motion, relief for aching muscles and joints, detoxification, injury prevention, and an increase and focusing of energies.


At Warrior Body Spa, we practice on a floor mat while fully clothed. Wear loose or stretchy comfortable clothing (i.e. sweatpants, yoga pants, T-shirt) to your session for optimal comfort. These relaxing and therapeutic sessions incorporate assisted stretches, positional release therapy, muscle energy technique, soft tissue manipulation, and joint mobilization.
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